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Note... This web site is pretty dated, in both content ("that is so, like so, 20th century") and technology (awful <font> tags and such) and not even that maintained much any more. See what is more current over at the new CDB weblog...
This is not my normal working gear (though my mind wanders to hiking) as an Instructional Technologist o o at the Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction in Arizona. Just what does that title mean? Try to distill it from the official description!

I do have an e-mail addiction that needs continual feeding, so keep those e-cards and e-letters coming to

Am I brain-fried under the intense Arizona solar radiation? Have you ever stood in downtown Phoenix on a balmy June noon when the mercury screams toward 120 ° F? Why would I commute to work on a mountain bike via the streets of Phoenix? Well, I used to ride every day until I got spoiled by my cool Jeep Wrangler. Yes, my heart is home in the wonderful bizarre Sonoran desert- the rugged peaks of Superstition Mountains. Alan April 2002

In October '93 a colleague handed me a floppy and said, "Hey, Alan, try this... thing... called... Mosaic"

My life was never the same.

One beauty of the web is the ability to create your own space, be your own publisher, and [warranting those spying eyes from our beloved U.S. Congress], say what you want. Scary? Maybe, but the opposite is scarier. Go ahead, take my fingerprint...

A bit later, in July to December of 2000, I was fortunate to have taken a 6 month sabbatical, with projects and visits in Northern Arizona, New Zealand, and Australia. You can read all the bits and reports and wander through about 2000 photos from my az2nzau site.

Otherwise, just browse through my stuff, read my werds, see what I do at würk, look at my fotos and grafix, toy with my computer junk, or take a spin through my net.