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Note... This web site is pretty dated, in both content ("that is so, like so, 20th century") and technology (awful <font> tags and such) and not even that maintained much any more. See what is more current over at the new CDB weblog...
I cannot draw! Not from scratch. That's the reasoning behind my little Ruby's Art Pad. But I can manipulate with the best of them. Well, maybe not Kai Krause <genuflect>the great, the masterful ONE</genuflect>

While I hardly consider myself a master in graphics software, for the most part I can create my mind's vision using Adobe PhotoShop and Strata Studio Pro for some 3D stuff. If I was independently wealthy, I would spend days in the world of Bryce. I also make great use of my own scanned photos, a digital camera, a video pad camera, and some great CD-ROM clip art.
I created these images for multimedia projects... or just for the hell of it.

All of the links below will appear in a seperate browser window, which may be appropriately be sized and displayed to the side.
Webbin' It
We avoid any copyright problems by using all original graphics on the MCLI web server. We may start with Royalty free clip art, scanned photos, digital camera images, 3D rendered scences. Images are improved/edited in PhotoShop, and we especially like the Sucking Fish filters and Alien Skin's Black Box filter effects.

All images are saved in native PhotoShop format. For inline GIFs, a copy is indexed (sometimes with dithered diffusion, sometime none) to the NetScape 216 color palette, indexed back to RGB, then re-indexed to the exact number of colors (I gleaned this tip from the most excellent books by Lynda Weinman). After this it is saved as a Macintosh PICT file. In turn, the image is then made into a GIF via Kevin Mitchell's GIFConverter; if needed made transparent with Aaron Gile's little application "Transparency", and if movement is require, we use Yves Piguet's GifBuilder. We have found this multiple approach produces the leanest k files.

MCLI logo
Our official emblem that appears everywhere in the office and at the top of our web site central. The art work was done by an artist I now forget; it took several iterations of sizing and cleaning up the pixels to get a decent copy.
Used some real hands from our office staff for this logo for the Service Learning @ Maricopa site. Service Learning
Erector Set
Logos for the Integrated Engineering Project were rendered by Kurt Leinbach in Stratavsion 3D and then modifed in Photoshop to make uses as borders on subsequent pages. The main index page uses client-side image mapping for its menu.
For our WebHound site, a student artist named Tony Zeka had created the hound image using Fractal Design's Painter program. The Lettering was created in PhotoShop using some Wave filters and Wind filters for the letter colors. Web Hound
Prickly Pear cactus
Created as the metaphor for the Integrated Learning Communities site, these images were rendered in Strata StudioPro, using as texture maps real photos of this kind of cactus.
The opening of the Web's Eye View is a slowly blinking eye, gleaned from some old, decrepit 1-bit clip art. The related Bag of URLs was compiled from some royalty=free CD-ROM clip art. Eye


Research Methods Project
This project required images that represented different methods used in the sciences. Most of the geological images were scans of my own photographs, elaborated in PhotoShop.

We have more information on this project.

No copyright violations here! All of the images used in this program were created from royalty free clip art, scanned photos, or captured stills from video we filmed.

Two Rivers
My photos of the Snake River + waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge.
3D scene rendered in KPT Bryce with overlays of Stanley Miller's apparatus that brewed proteins from basic elements. Miller's Recipe for Life
Drug Use
Dress up a boring table with a clip art background images. Oh, the syringe, captured with a video camera, is mine-- I am diabetic.
The concept- floor area of a ruin correlates with the number of people that lived there-- take a dull grey air photo and enhance with a graphic Post-It note. Archaeology- Floor Area
Mercalli Earthquake Scale
Image of crushed building from San Francisco earthquake found from US Geological Survey web site.
Volcanoes come in many shapes, sizes, and degrees of explosiveness- how do you define them? Volcano Flavors

Pictures of no real relevance except dabbling in PhotoShop.

...which, while I have the microphone is THE MOST AWESOME SOFTWARE ALIVE ok perhaps I am going overboard, but given its incredible depth of features and extenisbility, is truly an infinite program.

This has been an unpaid software endorsement!

Bikin' the Grand Canyon
Yes, those are the handlebars of my Trek, but the background is not exactly on my daily commute.
Can't we just talk? Clip art with some quick gradient text fill. Communication
Don't Fence Me In
Fill backgroundwith tiled textures, circle with Kai's Gradient Designer.

they say this program is the hugest time sink... because one gets so enraptured in the spacy environment, not to mention its most cooly unconventional interface.

Yet it is a snap to quickly generate some spiffy backdrops (if one has a zippy Mac 8500 laying around)

New Worlds
Needed a modern looking surrealsitic scene for a presentation for some folks in Oklahoma, who never see scenes like this!