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Note... This web site is pretty dated, in both content ("that is so, like so, 20th century") and technology (awful <font> tags and such) and not even that maintained much any more. See what is more current over at the new CDB weblog...
Since the pre-cambrian web era (say 1998), I have assembled most photos, professionaly and personal, using a free web template known as the "jClicker", such as some 4000 photos from my 6 month sabbatical to New Zealand and Australia

If I could be compensated sufficiently, I'd be more than happy to spend the rest of my life snapping photographs around the deserts and mountains of the Southwest. My puny collection resides as an "awesome slide show"

A most splendid starting point is the Sonoran Desert... cast away those movie images of Saharan blowing sands-- the Sonoran is a lush and green environment, and unlike anything else I ave seen, It's own strangeness is its attraction.

How about some random Walks for photos and descriptions from various places in the Southwest USA. More than Four Corners includes pix of some of my favorite more-wild, less-trampled places in Arizona.

Why? Don't ask? I told you. I ride a bicycle to work, and you can follow my virtual route. Technically, the route is real; it is you who is virtual!

Always looking at mud cracks, looking for patterns in nature.

In the experimental area, I've assembled a JavaScript slide show of some photos from Zion National Park. And if you are shockwave equipped, try the "clicker" version of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon which even has some audio narration. Coming soon (during the next leap-month?) will be Grand Gulch, and a big bonanza of glyphs... and a peek at a set of the most fantastic photos I've ever managed to have my finger fall on the shutter the shutter, from Antelope Canyon.