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There is a reason I have a full-time job; the starving artist thing is not attractive and I have a blast doing what I do. So here are some items of equal merit as velvet-elvis paintings, drawn from wrinkled old sheets of mad scribblings.

virga Inspired by the wisps of rain going nowhere...

Ramblings of a Maniac Who is the person frothing at the mouth? Don't we have rules against this sort of cyber-nonsense? It cannot be... Can it? Nah....

Random Walks in the Southwest are photos and descriptions from various locales from the lower left edge (geographically) of America.

More than Four Corners includes photos of some of my favorite more-wild, less-trampled places in Arizona. Tourists, RVs, and the un-adventurous need not apply. But don't tell too many folks about these places... i hate crowds... i really do

East Meets West On my pilgrimage to Arizona I penned this piece covering the journey across the vast sub-continent of Texas. It truly was a feat. Well, not really.

The Rose Rock a story of... a rock? a rose?... well, just read the damn thing! And don't laugh. It's not autobiographical.

david my brother who never got to be

change got some spare? s'il vous plaît?

declaration Can i sell a vowel?

walkin' So who needs that bum, eddie abbey? What did he know about wandering among the sage and cactus? He was probably some psuedo-name for some dentist from New Jersey. Damn bum.

Havasu a poem. A lame poem. Nice photo. Cool place. Like a tropical island dropped into the middle of a crack in the desert plateau.

Canyon Grande another poem! lamer? nicer photo? Watch out for that leeeeeeeeeeeeeeedge....

Saguaro Quotes If they could only talk rather then just holding their arms up in mock frustration. They would have so much to say!

hakatai When we first started this web server back in November '93, I got plenty of questions about name in our URL like:

"Nice pages, but what the #@%*+ is hakatai?"

There is an answer!

Ain't Superstitious records a venture into the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. Recipes too!