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Developed screen saver to support environmental organization

dommy@work; puppies@play

dommy's assistants include "mickey" & "cadu"! goodbye skamper

mickey and cadu fudge dominoe, our founder dommy's tracks across the web
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What do we do? Alchemy? Perhaps. DommyMedia hones ideas into reality. Not just out of the box, we forgot where that box was. We chewed the box. We buried the box.

Web pages? <yawn> we make web experiences. In our arsenal are HTML, javascript, mySQL, director, shockwave, flash, perl/php/cgi, etc, but really, it's the craft, not the tools, right? Wanna argue about tools? Go to Hope Depot.

Do you want to rise above the crowd? Lean back, howl at the top of your lungs, "I WANT MY DOMMY!" and just bark for us.

Who is Dommy? Slideshow photos of our namesake (1986-1993)... Lost? See my paw prints across the web... News and 80 Mb of photos from the Kiwi-Ozzie tour of July-December 2000... We sadly say goodbye to both Skamper and MC Fudge... and hello to the new kids, Cadu and Mickey!

"Any mutt        
can slap    
a web page...

I have
S   T   Y   L   E  "

good dog
where are my photos?