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 alan's no java shop
java is hip, it's cool, it's the future, but hey, it is <ugh> geeky programming. shockwave is hip, it's cool, and i can make stuff now. well, actually i started shocking in august of 1995. a few of these appear also on the zeeks game site.

why use java, when shockwave can do? why use shockwave when a animated gif will do? why use images when words will do? why? ponder these thoughts or pound the bongos. and pass me a cup o' joe. the real stuff, no fluffy additives.

here's the stuff in my shop. if you insist, go around the corner to the ohjava shop. tell them i did not send you.

chuck berry pinky action     Dir 5.x
the reason why my music career fizzled or never materialized...
Source Code for Movie: Mac [27k] ~~ Win [19k]

the clicker     Dir 6.x
a slick, 7k slide show controller that is easily configurable via paramaters passed via HTML. Targets multiple frame panes and has options for streaming Shockwave audio or linked AIFF/WAVE audio. Runs locally and/or from a web server. Source Code for Movie: Mac [19k] ~~ Win [14k] ~~ HTML templates for shockwave

Correlation Meter     Dir 5.x
just a simple on-screen control to illustrate the differences between positive and negatively correlated data. it might have been my first shocker thang. See it also in action with java
Source Code for Movie: Mac [39k] ~~ Win [28k]

Dialing For Behaviors     Dir 6.5
A Director Behavior for a (lingo only) needle to be used on dials and gauges
Source Code for Movie: Mac [38k] ~~ Win [27k]

Drop Shadow     Dir 5.x
how to animate a drop shadow for text or graphics all in lingo.
Source Code for Movie: Mac [28k] ~~ Win [20k]

Explore the Inner Labyrinth     Dir 5.x
An explorative guide inside a Labyrinth, with questions to answer along the way.

Faux Typing     Dir 6.5
by special request by Arthur Moers on Direct-L, a simple modification of a behavior I was using elsewhere. Arthur wanted something that would generated a chaacter by character message whenever any key was pressed; I was using this to auto generate message. Well, this means more for director programmers than anyone in general...
Source Code for Movie: Mac [48k] ~~ Win [35k]

Filling a Cone     Dir 6.x
Filling a Cone     Dir 5.x
Quick demo for using the mask-ink effect for creating animated filling of a cone or funnel with a solid color..
Source Code for Dir 5: Mac [17k] ~~ Win [13k]
Source Code for Dir 6: Mac [16k] ~~ Win [11k]

The Flip Site     Dir 5.x
a shockwave front end to some perl/cgi magic to simulate a virtual coin flip ocurring every 5 seconds, and tools for examining streaks and frequency histograms

Grave Mistake in Direct-L Ville     Dir 5.x
an implementation of a director movie that was in original form, 640 x 480 and about 1.5 Mb in size. This fun poke at Director and the Direct-L listserv was part of the Halloween project of 1994. Later versions were streamlined to break up transmission of large files. It includes presenting on screen animation and/or text while a new movie is loaded. All the shockwave is done within a single page, and the environment uses gotoNetMovie to jump between small shockwave files.
Source Code for Movie (graveyard scene): Mac [271k] ~~ Win [186k]

How to Draw a Labyrinth     Dir 5.x
demonstrates step-by-step, how to draw a classic seven circuit labyrinth design.
Source Code for Drawing Movie: Mac [20k] ~~ Win [13k]

Kollidadascope     Dir 5.x
was supposed to be a kaleidascope but I did not get the symmetry correct, so it is just some spinning colored doo-dads, all generated as parented child objects. Also has random spouted bouny cheery phrases.
Source Code for Movie: Mac [10k] ~~ Win [7k]

Language Grouper     Dir 5.x
a tool for anthropology students to associate different languages based upon the similarities of common words.
Source Code for Movie: Mac [16k] ~~ Win [12k]

Log Scale Meter     Dir 5.x
simulates an anlog meter using a logarithmic scale.
Source Code for Movie: Mac [24k] ~~ Win [18k]

Maricop-A Sketch     Dir 5.x
was not the first nor the last web-a-sketch, but used some nifty lingo for animating the knobs. Made it's way into the Bob Schmitt's excellent book Shockwave Studio.
Source Code for Movie: Mac [68k] ~~ Win [52k]

no picasso zone     Dir 5.x
a shockwave coloring book. half-done.
Source Code for Movie: Mac [16k] ~~ Win [12k]

Ocotillo Puzzle     Dir 5.x
A shockwave jigsaw to go along with the web site for a retreat activity. Pieces are scrambled and your moves are counted. Great use for the Mac control panel to create the pieces...
Source Code for Movie: Mac [93k] ~~ Win [68k]

Original Nojava Shop     Dir 5.x
was the first makeup of the shop. it used some squishy animated buttons, some random movement, and lingo to jump to other pages. nothing magical at all.
Source Code for Movie: Mac [108k] ~~ Win [77k]

Petals Around the Rose     Dir 5.x
test your observation and pattern seeing skills with this dice game. Try to guess the trick behind the animated rolling die. (lots of sprite dots suffled around).
Source Code for Movie: Mac [17k] ~~ Win [12k]

Planetary Paths     Dir 5.x
a moon circles around a planet that revolves around the sun. Vary the path diameter and rate of revolution! Then drag the sun! Follow the paths with trails. Needs to be re-done with parent-children. In my spare time. Right.
Source Code for Movie: Mac [11k] ~~ Win [8k]

The Popper     Dir 5.x
the all-lingo, no x-thing way to create pop-up menus.
Source Code for Movie: Mac [23k] ~~ Win [12k]

Quizzer     Dir 6.x
Quizzer     Dir 5.x
a multiple choice quiz that snags the quiz questions from our web server. Any number of quiz subjects can be made and the movie reads in the data for each one using GetNetText() command. There is one text file on the server for every subject quiz. Data is defined by a property list containing the question, 4 possible answers, 4 corresponding text for feed back, and a flag indicating the correct answer. A random list generator is used to both present the questions in random order and to shuffle the order of appearance of the answers. The first version required an ugly format for the data files while the newer version features a Projector application for creating the data files as well as generating the HTML code. Also, the newer version encodes the quiz data files to hid them from prying eyes.

There is more complete information in a work shop we created for teachers.
Source Code for Dir 5: Mac [49k] ~~ Win [35k]
Source Code for Dir 6: Mac [148k] ~~ Win [107k]

Research Methods in the Social and Natural Sciences     Dir 6.x
Shockwave provides the functionality for the practice and exercise sections of an educational web site. Small use of getPrefs to store data as well as some CGI for creating a report of test scores (for printing).

Ruby's Art Pad     Dir 5.x
a fun coloring tool. This is more or less a plain movie I've shrunk, squeezed, and optimized for shock city. It just uses some Lingo to vary sizes, shapes, colors of a few paint objects as well as trails. Small sound file too.
Source Code for Movie: Mac [83k] ~~ Win [60k]

Shockwave List o' Sites     Dir 5.x
an list of other net sites for the Director Web- the list itself is a shockwave movie (pretty cool, eh?). Our CGI form allows others to register their sites, which is then written to a text file on our server. The shocked movie reads in the file, parses the data, sorts it alpabetically, and sets up a scrolling field index which is hotlinked to the listed sites. Last time I looked, it had about 1000 entries.
Source Code for Movie: Mac [40k] ~~ Win [29k]

The Shockwave Poll     Dir 5.x
was a very early, and horribly clunky use of CGI with a shockwaved flick. The Vote movie sends info the CGI expects. The CGI script merely updates a the tally of responses for each answer and the time/date of the last change. The CGI returns a page that then uses the <head><meta http-equiv="refresh" ...></head> tag to return to the poll page. The Shockwave Poll movie reads in the data with GetNetText and charts the numbers.
Source Code for 3 Movies: Mac [80k] ~~ Win [57k]

Sneakerizer     Dir 6.x
Sneakerizer 5     Dir 5.x
performs the scrambling text seen in the movie "Sneakers". You can customize the message via the HTML embed paramters. See it also in action with java.
Source Code for Movie: Mac 6.0 [12k] ~~ Win 6.0 [7k] ~~ Mac 5.0 [12k] ~~ Win 5.0 [7k]

Smoke Rings     Dir 5.x
a cheesy and cheap bauble.
Source Code for Movie: Mac [9k] ~~ Win [8k]

Sweeper     Dir 5.x
animate a sweeping time circle. it must have a use somewhere.
Source Code for Movie: Mac [12k] ~~ Win [8k]

Tri-Fractals     Dir 5.x
watch the serpinski triangle dance! all done with some simple parent-child scripting and math hijinks.
Source Code for Movie: Mac [16k] ~~ Win [12k]