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october 08, 2000
On Friday afternoon, Tony Bray met me in Wanganui and drove me back to his home in Palmerston North. We'd been in contact by email when I announce the trip, and as he teaches Director and is a Mac addict as well, I knew we would get along great.

Tony has a fascinating house that dates back to 1875, built of the very strong and durable totara wood that once covered this area. photo here He found the farmhouse that was to be demolished and because he had fixed up three other old houses, he was contacted to see if he wanted to do number 4. The house was moved to his property by truck, sans roof, and had an interesting ride up the curvey tree covered home to its present location. Like Tony, the house has lots of character.

The streak of miserable, grey, rainy weather kept its streak going in Palmerston. photo here On Saturday, we visited the Manawatu Gallery which had exhibits of modern and semi-modern (?) New Zealand art. My favorites were the perspective teasing works of Brit Bunkely, large colorful prints and patterns that gave great illusions of depth although all were flat.

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o o Palmerston North

After the art tour we visited the Science Center- one half was the highly interactive, hands on types of activities designed for kids (but suitable for us!); one of the better parts was the exhibit on time, despite some of the computer pieces that did not function (Windows device errors ;-). There were also some informative exhibits on local Maori history and culture and the demise of the huia bird.

Guess what? On Sunday morning it was raining! photo here At least we had the local paper that was chock full of news, especially the front page headlines that discussed a top local heated debate of monumental consequence.

In the afternoon, Tony drove us south. On the way we stopped to look for an area that had a bush walk through the totara trees, but the area was fenced, posted with a "Poison Keep Out" sign, and completely demolished. Tony's best guess was that possum had stripped the lower limbs of the trees of which destroys them, and the poison was an effort to zap the possum.

We were headed for Foxton Beach, where the Manawatu River empties itself into the ocean. The river was a brown turbulent maelstrom, choked with tree limbs. Not for fishing. We stopped for the local Tip Top ice cream- I have to admit that New Zealand ice cream is the best I have ever tasted.

photo here We paid a visit to Tony's brother and sister who live in Foxton Beach and took a brief visit to the beach itself. I was told that on a nice day one can see the South Island and an endless white beach reaching north. Not today; the wind was almost gale force, the sky was dense, and the beach covered with driftwood. we enjoyed a delicious dinner at a local cafe called "Simply Balmy"

The next day Tony had offered to drive me into Wellington, where he teaches. That is the next story!

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