dommy style
what we do

sniff n' dig
scouting terrain

paper trainin'
learn from us

paw prints'
our tracks on the web

bark & howl
to get our attention

dog house
dommy, go home

go home

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One might be tempted to say we have a limited attention span because we have the peculiar habit of only taking one client at a time.

We are eager but not starving. We have our living necessities taken care of.

So actually that means we give you our entire attention span. From conception to delivery. And then some.

Let's be both redundant and repetitive. We work only with one client at a time. You have 100% of our energy.

Want to know what we do? No prob. You've seen our work and not even noticed our paw prints out there on the web. We have an extensive set of things we've done scattered around this old web of a dog house. We don't need to brag and beef up our accomplishments, they should speak for themselves.