<!-- we pee on spammers -->

Spam e-mails are the bottom-feeding virtue-deprived scummy parasites of the internet. We have zero tolerance here for the wasteful, rude, and un-necessary intrusions into our communication. It is not what the Wizards had in mind when they Stayed Up Late.

dommy pees on spammers

And do not buy for a freaking second the twists put on the constitution by the snake oil salesmen of the Direct Marketing Association who purport that their constitutional rights of free speech are there for creeps to forge email message offering unsolicited, undesired, and videos of teen sex, stock picks. Their arguments are vaporous crap, failing easily on the metaphor of yelling "spam" (fire!) in a crowded internet (movie house).

How does this happen to me? Naively I used my personal email address as a contact link on these web pages (harvested by spam seeking robots) and used it to order items online (companies sell your information to each other). Therefore, as of February 15, 2002, the email address of alan@dommy.com (go ahead and harvest that worthless bit of data, spam bots) will be disconnected, and all of the spam directed there will bounce back to the senders, effectively spamming the spammers (not likely since no regular spammer uses their own email address, they prey on the services of others).

For example...
These are the subject lines of just one week's worth of garbage e-mail, for which none of them were ever requested by myself none of which I ever gave permission to contact me. If you are easily offended, scroll no more...

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And the purveyors of this pile of rubbish try to weasel their way out with legal-ease BS- just their claim that did I give permission (a 10000% fraudulent lie) makes them think they can hide behind our weak laws. Never, never, EVER follow their deceitful offers to remove your email address- it only confirms that you are a real entity that can be blasted with even more and more spam.

Words from the Spam Weasels
Let's dissect the bogus statements spammers spit at us...

This message is sent in compliance of the new e-mail bill:SECTION 301
"Per Section 301, Paragraph (a)(2)(C) of S. 1618, further transmissions
to you by sender of this email may be stopped at no cost to you."

Oh, yes, like I am really going to reply and confirm that my address is real? No way.

We strongly oppose the use of SPAM email and do not want anyone who does
not wish to receive  our  mailings to receive them. Please click here to
be deleted from further communication.

If you strongly oppose it, why are sending it? I guess you do not strongly oppose sending spam.

You are receiving this special offer because you have provided
permission to receive email communications regarding special online
promotions or offers. To discontinue any further messages from our
company,  please Click Here
to Unsubscribe from our Mailing List. We apologize for any

And how about the burden of proof that I really provided my permission? Do you have that in writing? I doubt it, you lying sack of cat scat.

This e-mail advertisement is being sent to you because you or someone
you know has submitted your e-mail to one of our websites. If you feel
your e-mail address has been submitted in error, please reply to
remove@sex-toys-mall.com with REMOVE in the subject line and you will
promptly be removed from our list.

I nor anyone I know would use my (emphasis on what is MINE) private address. Again, prove it or cease your actions, scum ball.

Note: this is not a spam email. This email was sent to you because your
email was entered in a website requesting to be a registered subscriber.
If you did not request this email, please click the link below or email
remove@sehnsecom.net and you will never receive another email from us!

Yes it is. I did not ask for it, it is not wanted, and it is intrusive. That all smells like a box of SPAM. No, it was sent because you lied about me giving permission. I have never, ever, requested junk mail. Anyone else can easily enter my address!

What can you do?
Delete. Use filters in your email software to immediately discard messages not sent specifically to your address. Never use your personal email address anywhere on a web site. If sites ask for an email address, create web-based email accounts that you do not really need (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc).

And certainly do not give much hope in your government representatives to do much about this. Not in this millennium, at least.