Pine, Breakfast, and Back… It’s Half Downhill


Today’s Hour of Activity was quite a bit longer. I was asked if I can use that one as carryover on other days. Nope, there are no roll over minutes on this plan I am making up the rules for.

My plan today was ambitious bordering on that swath of subconscious where my Mom’s voice looms “Don’t Overdue It!”

So here was the plan- ride my bicycle from my house in Strawberry down to Pine, 3.5 miles away, to have breakfast with my friends. My trail riding is something I cannot rely on timing, plus it was about 40°F at 9am, so my brilliant plan was to ride down the main highway, AZ87.

It took me only 30 minutes to get to BB’s Place, the restaurant. I’d done the ride once before on my road bike, and the speed on that machine was un-nerving. On the mountain bike, it was effortless, but I kept it slow. There was not much traffic, which is good, since there is zero shoulder.

After a leisurely breakfast, and a giant chorizo burrito (highly recommend, and ask to have the hash browns inside), it was time to ride back. My plan here was to go out Pine Canyon Road, and go into the Portals 3 development, and climb the steep roads up to Hilltop Road .Here a small spur trail leads to the Bearfoot Trail, a project I have been volunteering on, which is building a mountain bike/hiking trail connecting the towns of Strawberry and Pine. I had ridden down the trail a week ago.

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Alan Levine

The route back was a good bit of climb, and there are parts of the trail I still find technical, but I’m proud to have made it, notching 10 miles today on the bike. I had to take some breaks along the high views, as my blood sugar kept bottoming out.


Mudding Around The Cove Ranch


Today’s One Hour Active (techncialy 45 minutes, I’m working up to it!) was a mountain bike ride across the valley to a spot I’ve hiked/walked around, a private ranch called The Cove Ranch; but around it was forest jeep trails and notches to explore. There is still some snow and a fair bit of mud, so got some practice digging through the muck.