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I hate running. It hurts. My mind works against me. I never got a runners high, maybe the best was a tepid medium.

This blog was used for several years as I worked against this hatred, eventually finishing 6 half marathons and 2 full ones, doing several Rock and Roll events in Phoenix and raising money with Team Diabetes,

But I am done running, and getting back to what I always loved more- bicycling.

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Currently I am training to complete the 142 km 2012 GrandFondo Banff

Nope, I did not make that.

In 2014, I am revving this up again. Inspired by conversation and a visit form longtime friend Mike Kelly, he urged me to try a program of an hour a day of daily activity. Here is a good place to log that, I blog I have not used nor that anyone ever looks at.

In turning 50 last year, I find myself breathhing hard, a sore back, dealing with things liek cataracts, and just not as much energy as I recall. My weight has not gone up in the last feew years (204 on January 9, 2014) but has not gone down for a long time to where it should ne.

I am also going to try recording some of my “quantified self” via my stats at yourflowing data.

The farthest I’ve ever ran was maybe 3 miles back in college… only because of a girl I was interested in. Once she was done with me, I was done with running.

But runners look so fit, and they always talk about it being pleasurable. I’ve been fairly active most my life, hikiing, backpacking, mountain biking…. but after 14+ years of an office job, I could stand to lose 15-20 pounds.

I first decided to take on my hate as a challenge and run the Arizona Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon on January 15, 2005.

And being Type 1 diabetic for 35 years this October, I decided to sign up with Team Diabetes: (as originally posted in 2005)

TEAM DIABETES is the marathon-training program of the American Diabetes Association. TEAM-D is for everyone! Whether you are an experienced runner or walker, or a beginner, we will provide the training and support you need to complete a half or full marathon. You can help make a difference in the lives of more than 18 million Americans by raising critically needed funds for research, education and advocacy, while staying fit and accomplishing the goal of a lifetime.

I kept at it for a while, but my hatred…. well never got cured.

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  1. after seeing the race you ran in last year, i resolved to do the next one. it’s been six months of agony but i am finally getting this weary body back into the shape it was two decades ago.

    so it looks like we are heading to the same finish line next january. i hope to follow your preparation and gather some guidance from your experience.

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