Three a Week

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

Got three rides in this week, Monday (12 miles), Thursday (15 miles), and today a (semi) solid 20. Here i am just about to go down a fairly serious drop from Rustic Ridge; I had headed out Deacon Road from Fredericksburg, one of the few places with a dedicated, but intermittent, bicycle lane, and then left/north on Brooke Road.

The rout was lovely, with lots of sections through dark forests. The road is very narrow, and the traffic, was pretty patient, waiting to pass when the view was clear. This was some more hill work than I have done in a while. I’m feeling it.

So my weekly total, is less than half of the one day distance I will need in late August.

As a young lady reminded my in Canada trying to teach me how to ice skate… Baby steps. Baby steps…