Walking the ‘thon

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Another year, another medal. I feel good about finishing yesterday’s PF Changs Marathon, and not for anything related to time, but to just sticking to it.

I decided to walk the full marathon, in final proof of this blog’s title. I stuck to my walking, and finished in 6:49 at a 15:32 minute/mile pace- I had a few splits at a 14:44 pace. I was at the half-way point around 3;23. Kind of funny as people have to run a full marathon in 3:20 to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

But no, I am not obsessed about time. I was busy looking around

For this year’s totals, we have (weak drum roll…)

  • $1355 raised for the American Diabetes Association (YAY for my sponsors).
  • 182 miles training (including the last 26.2)
  • 44.1 hours spent training (44.1 hours not snapping or face planted in front of the computer).
  • 7 pounds lost (hopefully not coming back)

cc licensed flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

The best part of walking is that I was able to enjoy just observing the details of Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe in a manner you don’t get to when you are focused on running. Everything from odd signs to stores to landmarks, to house styles. And there is something celebratory and surrealistic about being able to stroll down the middle of major streets like 7th Avenue, Camelback Road, Indian School, Hayden that normally are dominated by autos.

My “project” to keep me busy this year turned out in another video. I decided to use my little Canon to record short clips of every band I passed (I should say, every band that was playing a song, I caught a few stages at song break, and one they were playing recorded music as they were taking a break). I also grabbed some shaky hand held shots of the people out there to cheer us on.

There was a ton of enthusiasm out there:

It was truly overwhelming to see so many people out to watch and clap as we went by. Everything from the bands of cheerleaders, to the impromptu bands that just set up in their yard, to people just out in lawn chairs waving, a little girl sitting atop a fence on 7th Avenue, the man who said he went outside to work on painting his house and decided to watch instead, all the people who worked the water stops who never let up on the encouraging yells, the little boy alone at the end of a driveway on Missouri just clap clap clapping, the elderly lady whopping it up on Indian School Rd, the lady on 48th street who wryly informed me that “the second half was much shorter than the first”, the bicyclist who told me, “I know you have gin and tonic in that Camelback”, the people yelling from the bar in Scottsdale Road (they did not offer to bring a beer out)…. It may sound smarmy, but something about everyone just being super friendly and smiling just gives me hope for this human race. If we can just do it on a regular basis….

It was really impressive to see all the people out in the park on 48th Street south of Indian School. Many of them wer just out doing park things, frisbee golf, dog walking, watching the kids play in the sand, teaching the kids how to bike ride or to catch a baseball– it was like a modern Norman Rockwell picture moment.

What’s next? Right now, I am ready to hang up the shoes, not just because I am sore, but I’m eager to get back to other activities, like riding this new road machine (and yes Gerry, it now has pedals attached)

cc licensed flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

Cross another marathon off my list and stick a fork in me, I am done!

6 thoughts on “Walking the ‘thon

  1. glad to hear it went well for you. six plus hours is a LONG time to be on the road, no matter how fast or slow you might be going.

    my race went pretty well. like you, i wasn’t treating it as a bona fide competition this year and, like you, i may have enjoyed myself more because of it.

  2. Congrats on another marathon! I loved your description of it, and I’ve had a lot of the same feelings about this kind of event.
    Tour de Cure, anyone?

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