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Among the places I’ve placed my numbers for training, I’ve tried to keep on in Daily Mile mainly because of the social network (so I can see all the people who really enjoy running) and the blog widget. They just sent a link for my 2010 report card, which charts a modest 183 miles, with a large gap in the middle (January included last training and the run for the 2010 PF Changs Half Marathon, and a weak burst of effort to run in February, and then the resurgence when I picked up the shoes again in August.

I was not a total sloth over summer, did a little biking and kayaking… wel okay, I was a sloth.

Other significant stats are that my exercise burned 171 donuts! They have the total “infographic” look there, I love it.

Its hard to believe that race day is Sunday, and I will be doing my 26 mile fast walk.

There shall be a blog post on the other side of that.

2 thoughts on “Daily Mile Report

  1. With so many blogs that you publish how do you have time to run?:) I didn’t like running until I kept up a routine for a month. I never ran anything beyond 2km before 2010 and last year I ran 10km for the first time in my life. This year I’m training for the half. I’ll add “I Hate Running” to one of my faves. Thanks.

  2. I was more prolific blogging the running the first few times, but it really just became part of the post run cooling down process– it really was my own journey.

    Congratulations on reaching the 10k! I remember the first one I did, it really was a boost to let me know I could go farther.

    I hope you like it more than me 😉

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