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2010/365/326 Retired Shoes
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I replaced the Nike’s I ran last year’s half marathon in with a new pair of Saucony shoes. These ones will become my new slip on and work in the yard shoes

My running shoes were definitely on the worn side, and this is good timing (I hope) to break in the new pair before January 19. I’m not too fussy about shoes- I’ve had Ascis, Saucony, and last year Nikes- none really hurt my feet and all felt good when they were new.

The bib from the Phoenix 10k I ran 2 weeks ago had a 20% coupon on Saucony shoes from Runner’s Den in Phoenix, and on Saturday I “ran” over there (I drove) and got some great help picking them out. My 20% savings went back to the store in getting some new socks and runner’s goo.

I’ve not been regularly blogging the runs here, though I do update in DailyMile (shows up on the sidebar), my Google Spreadsheet that automatically updates my totals, and since I am using RunKeeper on the iPhone, it posts an update to my Facebook page.

On Saturday, I repeated the week before’s adventure of a 2+ mile neighborhood loop and then taking the 3 mile downhill from Strawberry to Pine to meet friends for our regular breakfast at the Randall House. My sweetheart was here and drove the car down, afterward we had to drive to the Phoenix airport to send her on her way home.

I hung around Phoenix on the weekend with friends, and made excuses not to run Sunday or this morning. I was at the airport by 11 to pick up my Mom who is here for her annual Thanksgiving visit.

The weather here in Strawberry is dipping into the colder temps again, will be trying to pry time to do mid-day runs when is at least sunny and in the 50s or low 60s. Bring on the snow!

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  1. Dear Alan, I so love your definition of cold. Yes it does get cold on the plateau. Come to Winnipeg and experience a real cold run… with that said if I could run when it was 50 0r 60 outside I would too.

    Keep going. Love watching your progress.

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