Running Down to Pine

Running From Strawberry
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Part of today’s training run was a 3 mile descent down AZ 87 from Strawberry to Pine.

What was that low distance whistle blowing this morning? Could that have been the excuse train? It id not ride close to my house, but its wail is distinct.

It was a great day to mix up the running routine, get out of town. The training schedule called for 8 miles today, two notches up from Sunday’s 10k run. I devised a plan/challenge. When I am in town, I meet friends for Breakfast in Pine at the Randall House at 10:15am. My idea was to incorporate in the run the long hill down from Strawberry to Pine– I measured it in my car the other day, and clocked 3 miles from the intersection fo Fossil Creek Road to the Randall House.

I prefixed the fill by doing a 1.8 mile loop around my neighborhood, just in case my energy waned, I would not by stuck down the hill. I felt okay, so I hit AZ 87 and climbed this side of the hill to the crest.

Going down felt great! There was not a whole lot of traffic, and I ran on the left side, facing oncoming traffic, so I could dodge to the thin to non shoulder if vehicles were approaching.

There’s very little good running surface once you hop off the road, a few short patches with some firm footing, and the one passing line, but the rest is slopping gravel.

I got down to Pine, passed the restaurant and continued south until I got to the Rimside Grill, and turned back, to stop at the Randall House (which, by the way, is the best place in town to eat!). I clocked 6.7 miles, which is okay.

And no, I did not run back up the hill, not this time (probably not ever); I got a ride home with a friend.

If only all runs could be downhill….

cc licensed flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

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  1. The Twin Cities Marathon was all down hill for the first 18 miles. I felt great then the hill showed up. Stupid gravity is only your friend one way:)))

    Keep training. I envy your weather and your sky.

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