Phoenix 10k

Phoenix 10k
cc licensed flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

Thanks to snafu with the clock on my iPhone I almost did not make it to the start line (it made a daylight savings time adjustment although Arizona does not do that).

As is I did not have time to check in at ye TeamD booth, I forgot to adjust the basal rate of my insulin pump (I remembered a the 1 mile marker), and I never was able to untangle my iphone headphones.

But I just plodded along and did my 6.1 miles, at pretty much my usual turtle pace. It was weird at about the 2.5 mile marker when all of these really fast runners went by; then I realized it was the front of the pack lapping me (this route is a 5k loop down twice). They were like a heard of gazelle (and I was the hippo in the pond, standing agape).

The weather was warm and sunny, the course flat, and most importantly, I finished. I need to get back to the define training schedule and maybe I can feel more comfortable come January 17 going double this distance/

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  1. Congrats on finishing:) just keep going. The altitude training will help you in the long run. Find ways to have fun. I take a drink break every 2 miles and carry a backpack with my camera. You are doing great just keep going.

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