Up From Zero

This is the giant flat bottomed divit in my training:

Two Three weeks ago was my last run- 5 miles in Barcelona. Three days later I was coming down with something, on the long flight home (the last leg in a 29,000 mile trip in two weeks), I knew I was falling to the mat, a TKO. I got to Phoenix Wednesday night, coughed all night at a friend’s house, managed to drive home, and spent 8 days hacking and not sleeping. My doc diagnosed it as a secondary bronchial infection riding on a normal virus.

I feel like I am still getting out of it, but know I need to ge the shoes back on the road, so just set out for an easy short loop. Just to see if I could.

Actually, it was not horrible, but need to climb back up the curves; was planning to do the Phoenix 10k next week.

2 thoughts on “Up From Zero

  1. Something is always better than nothing. Listen to your body and heal once properly. You can do it. And since I have read your next posts you did get better. 13.1 miles are in your future.

  2. Hey and on a “stupid runner” note… I have taken up running at 4:50 in the morning. If you ever cannot sleep put on the shoes, take the camera and tripod and have a late night early morning run walk photoshoot.

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