On the Brisbane Waterfront

After breakfast and a walk with my local friend Cyprien, I had a good sense this would be a great route- mostly flat and a lot of visual stimuli to occupy the mind. There was some sort of rock concert going on at the stadium across the river, lots of colorful people strolling about!

Given Coach Dave’s pace advice, I took it easy on the pace today, but just t make sure, I found a little kick at the end.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

All in all a good outing today, although I collapsed back at the hotel after a long shower. I’m clinging to hope that I do not catch the virus that was swirling at my friend’s house I stayed at for my first night.

And I cleared 10 miles this week, the weekly distance plots will keep arcing upward!

2 thoughts on “On the Brisbane Waterfront

  1. Have you tried Pano for the iPhone yet. Cool Panorama possibilities. Just one more reason to stop and take pictures during the run. Need to have a steady hand though. Keep it up Alan.

    Amusing side note my middle name is Alan and not many of us have the Alan spelling. Fate kismet or just a coincidence. Je ne sais pas but it is fun to watch you and your journey.

  2. At least yours is spelled the official proper correct way, all other versions waste letters.

    I named after my grandfather; my mother wisely guessed that “Abraham” was a bit old fashioned. I love my Mom.

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