Running Down Under

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It’s upside down here in Australia.

Or maybe I am.

I landed this morning (which technically is yesterday afternoon) in Brisbane, Australia, after a 25 hour plus jaunt the included a bus ride to San Francisco airport, a short flight to Los Angeles, a loooooong flight (12 hours) to Auckland, and another 4 hours to Brisbane.. I feel good for getting at least 6 hours of sleep on the long haul.

But I was determined to get some exercise in today. I am staying tonight with a colleague, Phil, who technically lives in “Indooroopilly” (gotta love the names of places here), and he advised me of how hilly it was around here. He was not kidding, but suggested a walk up to the reservoir, where there was a great view of the city:

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and then explore running through some of the neighborhoods and up a trail to the peaks of the hills of a large city park area. I ended up walking up the trail parts, because it was pretty damned steep. But it was lovely terrain:

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And I jogged gently back down the steep parts.

So today was more run walk, then run, but I got in 3.5 miles and was out there more than an hour.

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  1. Ah the Rhike or the run hike. Seem to recall lots of that happening around your neck of the woods too. Sedona has lots of run/hike or rhiking too. Keep it up Alan. Love the maps

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