California Must Be Good for My Soul

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There must be something about California that is good for me. Oh, there is an obvious thing, and she is the reason why I am here a few days for the Big Trip.

But wow, something unexpected happened in today’s run.

It felt good.

I got here yesterday, and between dealing with a flat tire on the way to the airport (and almost missing the plane) and a flight delay (the reason I did not miss the plane), I just did not feel like doing the Sunday short run. And knowing tomorrow morning was going to be busy getting ready to go, I opted to mash them both up with a 5pm run.

The smaller roads where I am (near Rohnert Park) are pretty, but there are almost no shoulders. But once out on Redwood highway, the route was easy and there was room for me.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

But rather than plopping along, I felt a little more energy, and managed to run at about a minute per mile faster than I had been doing at home. I am caring less about times and records, and more about just feeling good about running. Today was a refreshing change.

Wait a minute, am I smiling?

cc licensed flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

I am not quite ready to change the blog name yet. It’s a long way to go.