I Got a Friend

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Jeff Bauche._.·´¯)

Thanks Barb.

This is amazing. On my drive down to Phoenix, I missed a phone call from my friend in Payson. She had gotten my email plea for sponsors, and as a fellow diabetic, she wanted to support me… but she almost apologized. What happened was is that her workplace had a matching donation plan for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and her donation alone to the JDF was about what I have raised so far in my campaign here, and with that match, it doubles the amount going to the cause.

I don’t care if it does not count for my run (benefitting the American Diabetes Association) – it’s that it goes towards stopping diabetes. And the JDF has a great focus on research towards a cure.

And as I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of people who responded to my begging (in about a week, I am about halfway to the minimum needed to be part of Team D).

So thanks, Barb… it’s all good.

And I should give her a shoutout- she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes about 18 months ago. For someone… about my age, to completely do a 180 on diet (getting rid of all sugar and soda) and becoming more physically active, she has done a model job of taking on the challenge of living with the D.

I’ve got a friend and am appreciative.