Where’s My Gas?

cc licensed flickr photo shared by sarowen

I missed the Thursday run, with all day travel back from Boise. Today’s training was for 4 miles, but I pooped out at 3, and at that I was doing walk breaks the last 2. I’m just not feeling any energy, but know I need to keep at it to build that “foundation” Coach Dave describes.

And now the fun begins as I begin tomorrow a trip that will have me make a world loop between then and October 6.

I am going around the world in search of my running gas.

One thought on “Where’s My Gas?

  1. I have had runs like that too. Often it is because I do not fuel up properly. I live on cliff bars and oatmeal before runs now. 90 minutes before the run I eat really eat then do the run. Between the coffee and the oatmeal I just seem to be able to go go go. Don’t give up. We all have bad running days. Apparently I can see into your future because I think that you will have a great run in California.

    Try different fuels before you run. See what works.

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