My Own Private Idaho (Run)

I arrived in Boise today in order to be here for a presentation tomorrow at Boise State U. It’s my frst time in Boise- what a pretty place! The mountains were tremendous flying in.

My original plan was to run this morning, but ran out of time getting ready. I’m glad I opted out, cause it meant I could do an early evening run on the greenbelt here, a great trail right along the river. There were some beautiful homes backing on the river, some mega houses too. Maybe the peak was seeing a deer dash across the trail right in front of me.

It is still slow easy going on my runs. I’m not feeling any spark yet, but just plugging along. I should get another in Thursday before I go.

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4 thoughts on “My Own Private Idaho (Run)

  1. Hi Alan,
    I just wanted to let you know that I stumbled across your website the other day, perhaps as a result of googling “I hate running and am insane enough to have registered for a half marathon, anyway.” I love your posts, and I’m so happy that there’s actually someone out there who runs at my pace! Perhaps it’s just because you’re just getting back into training, but it’s at least encouraging to me at this point to think that it’s possible that I can actually complete a half mary. I’m running the PF Chang’s 1/2 in January, too, so I’m going to stalk your page for inspiration for the forseeable future! 🙂 It’s quite evident that you put a lot of hard work into your site, and I wanted you to know that I most definitely enjoy reading it and appreciate your effort!
    Much thanks!
    Chandler, AZ

  2. Hi Kate,

    Welcome to the 1% of the world crazy enough to do this. When I first did this, the longest I ever ran was 3 miles, and in that first year I did 2 half mary’s (I like that expression, I’m gonna steal it).

    Happy running and hope to see you with a medal at the finish line!

  3. Hey Alan do you have a google map setup that would show all of your runs around the globe this year. Sort of fun to watch all the different places you are going to and where you are running!!

    Keep on going.

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