RunKeeper is a Keeper

I’ve got a new equipment routine now for running. Out is the iPod Nano with the Nike iPod+ and In is the iPhone 4, now using the RunKeeper app, which actually measures with GPS where you ran (I did get the new Nike+ GPS app, which some report is better GPS data than RunKeeper… more later). So what I get is a detailed map and record:

and has hooks to post to twitter, etc. And I can play whatever I want on the iPod, including podcasts… and I now have a camera when I run.

I still have numerous data tasks. RunKeeper does not have a blog widget, so I am adding each run to DailyMile. I do a data tweet to my Flowing Data which collects data listed on my Run Alan Run display. I add the time and distance to my Google spreadsheet which dynamically updates the stats on my sidebar, THEN I write a blog post.

Today’s run was supposed to be the 4 miler scheduled for yesterday, which was not possible since I flew back from Boston, and that took all day. It’s hard to rack up miles in a plane.

I’m also looking at the Runmeter iPhone app, which has a lot of compelling features. So many apps, so little time!

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  1. Also a fan of The Strands for iPhone app is worth a look (free) and they say that the Android app is in beta.

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