Labor Day is Over!

After a weekend of traveling for 2 weddings in 2 cities, it’s time to get back to the labor of running. I set out to do the 30 minute loop I did last week; a shorter variation of the regular 40 minute one I did a lot last year (this one has fewer hills in it; those will come).

I did feel sluggish but felt better after the first 3/4 mile.

The next 2 weeks present some more schedule challenges with 2 more trips to 2 more cities (Wednesday-Saturday in Boston; next Tuesday to Thursday in Boise).

If I can add one more gripe on the Nike iPad+ on the iPod nano– its how freaking hard it is to tell the damn thing you are done. After running, and sweating, how logical is it to have to manipulate a click wheel and navigate to a menu? My fingers kept slipping on the damn wheel and it took well over 70 seconds to make it cooperate.

It should be a one button click or at least something easier to do to tell the #*#&^$ that you are done.

Oh, and one more– why the heck are my podcasts not a choice to listen to? C’mon, where are the interface designers? Running?

My Tuneband gets here in a week; I look forward to running with my iPhone and a GPS app.