Three The Tired Way

I got home last night at 7:00pm from a work trip to Madison, and today at 3:00pm I’m headed out again- to Phoenix for a wedding tonight and to Denver Sunday for another wedding.

Although I thiught I had a solid night’s sleep, my feel to day was really lagging. Maybe its fatigue, maybe it was the heat, maybe its the running hate kicking in. So I just plodded along, and did a few walking stretches. At least with a holiday weekend there were a lot of things and people to gawk at. An old guy I passed who was walking gave me the big “thumbs up” and yelled, “IT’S SURE EASIER GOING DOWN THIS HILL THAN UP!”

Today I ordered a Tuneband so I can run with my iPhone 4 strapped to my arm and use RunKeeper– I’ve used the app for biking and love it’s maps and stats. The iPod+ is a neat idea, but in execution its lacking. It is not measuring distance at all, just counting steps, so when I walking today, I got more credit than I covered. If it were smarter, it might detect a slower pace, or be able to slip into a walking pace calibration. And why when I set the units to be miles, for a distance run does the last bit countdown revert to meters?

Just curious.

And tired.