Two in a Row!

I ran again. Second time this week– first time I’ve done that in…oh… 8 months? Sunday I did 1.5 miles for first time out, this morning I did 2.6, so at this rate, adding a mile per outing, in a month I might be running 18 miles a day! Ha.

I just am going slow and steady as my body wakes up and says, “Hey, this routine is different.” I’m already feeling that bit when exercise seems to kick up the metabolism, with a midnight wake up to low blood sugar that was again sub 80 in the morning.

Now the real challenge starts as I being a September full of travel. I am headed to Madison, Wisconsin Wednesday through Friday; Saturday night I am in Phoenix for a wedding and Sunday I go to Denver for another wedding, and next Wednesday through Saturday I am in Bioston. Like the kid in Sixth Sense, “I See [dead people on] Treadmills”.

Just gotta keep going.

Note I’ve now registered for Team Diabetes to run the Jaunary 16 PF Changes. I’ll be bagging soon for sponsors, but the door is open.

3 thoughts on “Two in a Row!

  1. Hey for motivation use a Garmin or Run Keeper on your iPhone. Keep track of the miles in different places. Hey long walks work too.

    Go for a weekly total not a daily one. Just keep on running and the winter will be more enjoyable.

    If all else fails it gives you room for your excellent salsa chips and beer.

    Happy trails.

  2. Thanks Chris. I like RunKeeper a lot, the plots and profiles it generates are great. I use it mainly when biking.

    I use an iPod Nano and the Nike+ and like it because the Nano is so damned small. I’d have to get a TuneBand holder for the iPhone, but I do like having the phone (and camera) with me.

    How long to you deal with snotcicles again?

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