Rewind. Again.

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I’m back.

I ran today for the first since, oh, since February.

2010, yes.

I had planned to take a year off from the PF Changs; I was going to get into biking, spend more time hiking, paddling. And KAPUT- I did hardly none. I need to get some regular routine for exercise; my A!C’s are still in the low 7s and I want to knock them under (I just tried the home test, which is useful, registered a 7.3) and I really need to shed 20 pounds.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

Last week at a friend’s house, their Wii board rated me obese. Ouch.

But I wanted to try running silently, with no promise, before signing up for anything, or making a Big Announcement. So I charged up the iPod Nano, found my remote for the Nike+, found the neatly folded running shorts, and headed out for a short loop, expecting to collapse in a sad heap of fatigue.

For a late August Arizona day, it was delightful overcast, windy, and clean mountain air.

Actually it was not bad- pretty much my same slow pace, but I ran 1.49 miles. It’s the first step- you cannot get anywhere without doing that.

So next is to sign up again for Team Diabetes, start perstering people for pledges– and than I cannot make excuses to sit on my arse.

Gotta run. Even if I am not crazy about it.


3 thoughts on “Rewind. Again.

  1. If you ever want encouragement you know where to find me. Make some of your runs photo journeys. Amazing how much farther you can go when the camera makes you stop so often. Great way to tell a story too.

    Keep it up. Enjoy the journey… and get a new pair of shoes 😀

  2. Welcome back to Team D!!! If there is anything I can do for you just let me know. Hope to see you at some of our practice runs.

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