Water from the Sky: What a Concept

cc licensed flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

I’m in Oregon on the first leg of a multi-faceted 2 week trip. I arrived last night into Portland, picked up a rental car and headed to Eugene to visit my friend Tim. He said the weather was perfect… last weekend.

In first light, it was a promising day; we relaxed and took it casual. I went downtown to meet a colleague I knew from Maricopa who retired up here a few years ago; John and I enjoyed coffee, but before we were done, the skies had rolled gray and rain was gushing down. That scuttle my plans to go running by the river.

So I had to relent on running today, instead using an elliptical trainer in Tim’s basement for a 50 minute workout (followed by 30 minutes in the outdoor hot tub!)

Tomorow should be “less rainy”…. we’ll see.