Day 1. Week 2.

Second week of training, first run of the week. 30 minutes. Done.

I was feeling sluggish out of the gate, also facing a series of appointments and meetings that were spaces at two hour intervals, each an hour long, so in between, there was scant time to focus beyond the email sweeping that is my daily exercise.

I ran my “newer” loop which circles down SR 87 a bit and through the neighborhood on the opposite side of Fossil Creek Rd. It seems like there us a lot of downhill, with about 3 short uphills (is it possible to get more of one than the other?

On my iPod I am not running to music, but an audiobook — Chris Anderson’s Free: The Future of a Radical Price which is about 6.5 hours of running time. It’s a great distraction for me. I converted the free MP3 files to Audiobook format (this way, the iPod remembers where you left off and it does not get mixed in with your music shuffle).

To get a better handle on my blood sugars, I have been doing more before and after testing. Today was better- Before running I was 95 and afterward 84; I cut back my temp basal on the pump to about 2/3 what I was doing before,