Everything is Ready

Marathon Gear

Marathon Gear

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It’s time to try and get some restful sleep before that alarm is chirping at 4:30 am. All my marathon gear is ready, fresh songs on the mp3 player. I am hoping to set out in just the singlet, mid morning today was pretty toasty warm.

The gloves I’ll toss in the gear bacg; I have some old tube socks if I need some cheap gloves.

Okay, what am I forgetting?

Oh well…. Next blog entry should be the big recap of hopefully a completed 26.2 day on the streets

At the R&R Expo
Got Gear?

Coach Dave and Julie from ADA

Geeez, such a tall Coach! Thanks Dave

2 thoughts on “Everything is Ready

  1. Looking for your meter, strips, and lancing device, as well as glucose tablets, in this shot of you marathon gear. 🙂
    I assume you stuffed them in your belt.

  2. hey Man, could you free up blogshop.blogspot.com? since its been idle for quite awhile. i really need it. );

    and oh by the way, nice running.
    i cant make it that long.
    the furthest i’ve done was from my house to the nearby grocery stall.

    Please Reply. (; thanks alot.

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