20 1.0

Oh my gosh, I actually ran 20 miles. For the first (1.0) time.

Can barely type, much less walk.

it did not help I cought a cold Monday and did not run all week.

It was rather chilly at 7am, a notch above 35 according to my truck. This was a slow paced training, which was no problem for me, along the canals starting at Granada park, with 2 of those loops past the unrealistic mansions of Biltmore circle.

The First Eight were great, the next 4 not bad, the next 4 a bit slower, and the last 4… well it was all I could do to keep moving.

So… can I do another 6.2 on top?

That’s the plan.

3 thoughts on “20 1.0

  1. Glad to hear your 20 miler is done. Tomorrow my wife and I are going 10 through 15 cm’s of powder that has fallen in Winnipeg. I will be joining you on the couch after… I can already feel my hip flexors being stiff and sore. Keep on running. It is so beautiful in Arizona. Enjoyed the trails around Sedona last spring.

  2. First comment went into the ether. Congratulations on finishing the 20 miler. I am envious of your warm weather. It is -23 with the windchill here in Winnipeg. I hope to get 10 mile run in tomorrow with my wife through the 15 cms of powder that has fallen over the past 24 hours. Keep on training. I enjoyed running on the trails around Sedona last spring and am planning on returning this spring to do it again.

    Thanks for writing. Enjoy the couch. You earned it.

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