The Twitterverse Responds!

While some consulting work I did raised enough funds for me to run this year without pestering my family and friends for donations, I was still hoping to go a bit above the minimum. So in turn, I appealed to readers of my CogDogBlog site; see “Ain’t to Proud to Beg (sponsor $$)”, and that automatically got posted to my other online outlet, the space of Twitter.

I am not aiming to explain what this online space is, but it allows me to connect and communicate with a wide range of people, many I know, many I dont know– some 500 “follow” me, yes it may sound creepy, but it is harmless, I am sure. I am an Internet Professional. Somewhere I have a badge. It came out of a gumball machine….

So I posted the plea to my “twitterverse” at

And just like that! IN 2 days already 13 people responded and sponsored me, from Australia, the UK, heck, even Phoenix. And I’m closing the gap quickly on my goal of raising $1500 thanks to them.

I must issue an apology though, as I did suggest that if half of them stepped up with a $5 sponsorship, I’d double my fund raising. That part is true. But I just noticed that the credit card site for the ADA has a $10 minimum. That sounds like a scam! So my offer is; if anyone who wanted to donate $5 can get me that in any other form (check, cash, gold coins), I will match that amount in-kind as an extra donation.

Join the fun! Sponsor me!