Sidelined By The Office Virus

Oh, the training log takes another hit this week. I felt great after Saturday’s run. On Sunday, as a different excercise, we walked about 3 miles total going to a movie and back (for what its worth we saw, “No Country for Old Men”).

And Monday, I felt IT coming it.

IT was that coughy, achy, sore throat thang that sidelined me a month when I caught it in Australia (or as my colleagues there called it, “CogDogWog”– that is another long story). I had to wait til Tuesday to get to the docs so I could get a magic pill (antibiotics), but this weeks was perhaps “No Running for Sick Men”.

Even more ironically, I had a new employee in our organization fly in for some training on Wednesday and Thursday, and he was sick too! As was everyone in our office.. we traced a common thread to a colleague from our office who was coughing all over the place at our meeting last Friday in San Jose.

I’m feeling on the upswing, and hope enough rest can happen to at least get me out on Saturday’s long run- this is the 20 miler!