Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon

This seems ironic- after managing to run 18 miles last weekend, today I was looking at having to run “only” 13 miles in the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon in Scottsdale.

I must admit slacking some this week, not even blogging it, but did run my 40 minutes Tuesday, but managed to skip Wednesday and Thursday (nominally because of weather; we were up on the Rim, and it was freezing rain/snowing).

But today were were supposed to run it “easy” and avoid injury. So I did manage that, finish in non heroic form, but got my piece of metal.

Medaling is Just Finishing

The day started out (at 5:15 am) looking mean and possibly cold, but by 7:30 start time it was not so bad (especially compared to last January at the start of PF Changs when it was 24 F). This race is like the 20th annual version of it, and is, basic.. no frills. no timing chips, pretty much just water at the rest stops, but is well organized (there were cops at every major crossing).

As usual, I got a bit excited at the outset; I should be doing 11:00 minute miles, and did the first ones at 10 or less. Despite the range of people zipping by me, I kept the pace slow, moving it towards 11s even over (a 12+ for the stretch I stopped for some energy glu). The route is north on Scottsdale road, a place you usually see from a car window, and then east on DoubleTree ranch road. I got excited seeing a 56 minute time on my watch at what I thought was halfway, but I had mis read the last mile marker (I was at 5.5 not 6.5).

I had some visions of picking up some speed when we turned south on Hayden, and entered routes I run a lot. I had a fast mile at the turn, low 10, but just felt kind of laggard, and decided to slow it down. At about 11 I took a detour for the porta-potties (costing my 6 minutes on the official time, I am going by my own watch!)…. lets say the details shall not be blogged. At mile 12, turning to Osborn, I hit a burst of adrenalin just to finish and think I may have done that mile at 9:30! Crazy.

Official results have me at 2:27:15, which has no asterisks for the “long break in the bathroom”. Technically I should go with the official, but, hey, I know I was not running while sitting in that port-o-johnny.

It was just good to finish; yet sobering I am looking at doing twice the distance! As noted by my wife, on the drive home, I am not yet (or every) enjoying this, not getting the craved “runners high”. It is just enough to look back, and say, “I did it”.

So the blog title/url stays the same…

6 thoughts on “Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon

  1. Oh, well. I was hoping you were getting hooked, Alan. No such luck, huh?
    It’s tough to run races like that while you’re training for a marathon, “training through” the race. I know you missed some running days, but you ran very long on the previous weekend. You’ll really taper for the goal race. The first half of the full marathon is going to feel way easier than the race was Sunday. At least it should at the right pace.
    Good job!

  2. I had an uncle that passed away quite young due to diabetes. Since you hate running at least your doing if for a good cause.

    I’ve been having my students use to “donate” to a good cause recently, or at least build their vocabulary.

    I have quite a few friends that run in the PF Chang’s and really enjoy it. Hope you have a good time even though it’s starting to get cold around here.

  3. Thanks J.D.! It was super cold last year (24! in Phoenix!) but the year before it was lovely.

    And yes, I really like– I found it in someone’s signature on an email list, what a great concept.

    Thanks again for the donation

  4. Alan. I think it’s great you finished. I ran the P.F.Chang half in about the same time as you did in the Fiesta Bowl. I did 9:00 pace through 8 miles and then fell apart. Lots of walking the last 3 miles. Legs were toast. Didn’t train properly. I ran Fiesta Bowl years ago (’70’s & ’80’s) when it had the full-marathon. Ran under 3 hours 3 times, but now I’m and old fart (55 yrs.). Need some motivation. Mind says “yes”, legs say “I don’t think so – you’re not 25 anymore!”. Do you know when the Fiesta Bowl half is next year (2008)?? I’d like to get under 2 hrs. next time. By the way, I’m a diabetic (3 yrs.). Running keeps me healthy. So does a better diet (cut down on the sugar and fats). Glad you have this blog. Keep up your running.

  5. Congrats on just finishing Mike; but I dont necessarily buy the 55 as old fart status. I saw (and got passed by) plenty of grey runners in both runs!

    Not sure, but Fiesta Bowl half is always same time of year in December,

    And if you run PF Changs next year, come on and join Team Diabetes!

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