4 Wheels Needed for Drive Through

Turning to some bike training, I took a spin this afternoon out on the Arizona Canal… I did have something I needed to photograph for work, though that excuse may be a little thin.

I also had a prescription pick-up at the new Walgreens near us (my doc thinks a stronger antibiotic will deal with the long standing dry hacky cough I’ve more or less grown to accept), so seeing no line, I cruised up to to the drive through window; I had done this several times at the Osborn and Scottsdale Rd store when I biked to work in Tempe.

But nooooo- The lady said through the intercom that they could not serve me there due to “threats of lawsuits.” Cannot I just sign a waiver saying I wont sue? Wow, has litigation fear crept another notch. It was not a huge deal, just meant extra time feretting out a bike lock, and waiting in line in the store. Just seemed werid and another tniy example of the energy wasting car culture carrying lots of weight.

The soreness in my left leg continues to have varying pattern-[ sometimes upper shin, others lower, almost around the ankle, other times it is stiffness in the back or side of the calf. I am starting to believe I am a victim of a voodoo doll, “Enough! I yield! Stop poking those pins!”

I am trying a variety of streteching exercises, found a good resource at Shin splints: These exercises will help to strengthen your lower legs, and prevent or repair shin splint problems and Cool Running: Lower Leg Pain.

Without any running really in the last 3 weeks, it pretty much looks like January 14 will be a Half Marathon walk. I will enjoy it and it would enable me to carry my big digital camera and take lots of photos.