2006 Rock & Roll Marathon

My first real running event, and the reason for creating this site, was the 2006 PF Changs Rock and Roll Marathon, where I ran the half-marathon in 2:23:08. As a member of TEAM-D, I also raised $1800 for the American Diabetes Association

I started out by saying “I HATE RUNNING” but now, it might be, “I Sorta of Like Running” as I hope to continue.

The training is recorded in blog entries from late September 2005 to the post race summary on January 16, 2006:

My totals for this period included:

  • Total Miles Running 203.9
  • Total Miles Biked 154.6
  • Total Weight Loss 4.0 (Goal=20)
  • Total Funds Raised $1805 (Goal=$1500)

And I wish to greatly thnak my generous sponsors:

  • Alan L (first in line!)
  • Tim B
  • Judy G
  • Mom (thanks “Cookielady”!)
  • Jane S
  • Dennis S (someone posing as him 😉
  • Brian L
  • Harriet H (twice!)
  • Jeff S
  • Marybeth M
  • Shelley R
  • Debbie F
  • Mark G
  • Donna G
  • Holly B
  • Lisa Y
  • Eric L
  • Naomi S
  • Alllison D
  • Vashi W
  • Greer L
  • Ruvi W
  • Bert K
  • Colen W
  • plus 13 others…

I am hoping to be there in 2007, maybe for the full marathon!

2 thoughts on “2006 Rock & Roll Marathon

  1. Hello, I am very impressed with what you’re doing. It’s excellent. I am wondering if you could give me any tips on exercising with diabetes. It’s always a challenge with high and low blood sugars and I’d love to hear how you manage. Thanks! Susie

  2. Thanks Susie.

    I’ve been fortunate that my symptoms of low and high blood sugars always come with good advance warning. The obvious things are always running with some sort of glucose on you; letting a friend of family member know your route and approximate time expected home, test your sugar alot, before, during, after running, so you can learn how your body reacts to the exercise, check with your doctor, etc.

    Like I said, obvious. My experiences are not likely applicable! But if there are any questions feel free to email.

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