The running has ceased. Even with rest, my shins remained the same.

Last week, I was in San Antonio for my organization’s conference, and although I packed running shoes and gear, they never left the suitcase. There was not time, and even walking, I felt the complaints from Mr Left Leg Shin. And it was too bad, as I saw others running in the morning up and down the Riverwalk.

Today, I saw my Doctor who confirms it is likely shin splints and it needs… more rest. I am having an xray just to confirm, but I am resigned to a few more weeks perhaps off the running trails, though biking is still on the menu. I have also accepted that this year the full marathon is not likely to happen, and I will be more than happy to run or even walk if I have to, the half.

My miles on the bike today were necessary (sans car) to get to my Doctor’s office.