It’s been about two months since I started using an insulin pump (Medtronic Minimed), which followed 35 years of insulin injection routines. Overall, I am very satisfied with the pump, though, as always in diabetes care, there’s always room for improvement in self-management.

My biggest hurdles are the estimating the carb counts; previously, I pretty much just ate and did not think much beyond skipping the sugar. I am bit more restrained now, but still sometimes just take some wild guesses at the right amounts.

My overall blood glucose numbers are lower than before (maybe averaging 120-130 where before it was more like 150-160), and the real show is in a month or two at my next A1C test, where I had been running in the low 7.0s and maybe a 6.9 now and then. At my June doctor visit, we made some adjustments to the basal rates (setting higher rates for day time) that have helped a lot.

I have been wearing the pump while running and it’s not too much in the way, as I was already carrying a small fanny pack anyhow to hold glucose tabes, keys, and the ipod.

And actually for being out and about and work-related travel, it simplifies things as I do not have to cart around needles and insulin containers to meals; I just need my blood tested (with me or before I go).

So the pump update is… I am gald I started on this as a new routine.

2 thoughts on “Pumpdate

  1. Hi, Alan,
    I just accidentally found your great blog while googling for any info on this year’s New Times 10K.
    I am a type 1 diabetic since 1973, an insulin pumper since May of 2002, and a runner, since a long time ago. I’ve been running various distances since Jr. High, and I’m now 47.
    It’s always great to meet another diabetic runner. I haven’t had time to read very much on your site, but I’m looking forward to it.
    The web site I put into this comment form is just where I keep track of my running stuff. It isn’t really much more than a few links to text files, listing races run, times, etc.
    We have run a few of the same races, and we may have actually met briefly. Hope to see you again.

  2. Hi Jerry,

    Thanks for sharing your run results, which are very impressive and inspiring… looks like you improved marathoh times by almost an hour since you started. I am aiming for the 2007 PF Changs to be my first full one– maybe we’ll cross paths!

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