Running An Errand

It’s an old expression we use all the time- we use our cars, but refer to it as “oh I was out all Saturday running errands.”. With gas prices as they are, the environment crumbling in the polar regions, my wife and I are committed to trying to live simpler in small ways.

One thing we did was sell our second car- the Volkswagen Beetle is now in the hands of a teenager, and we have one less gas tank and insurance policy to deal with. My new job allows me to work at home, so it is not a problem at all with one vehicle (the pickup truck is, ahem, not all that gas efficient).

Anyhow, this is all a long prelude to saying this morning, I combined an overdue run (like 2 weeks overdue) with an errand- I ran to my bank to make a deposit, and ran home.

Big deal, eh?

The weather is hinting at a quick heat up, but the temps at 5:30 were delightful… once the sun had poked out, it got hot in a hurry, and I am glad I decided to carry a water bottle. It was a fairly (well completely) easy run, but it was good to get out, and do an hour+ and… I was running an errand. Truly!