Back On the Road

Oi. I’ve not run in a long while. Two weeks? Been resting? Busy?

All of the regular, well trod excuses.

Today is the first day of my new job where I get to work from home (a 15 foot commute!), and to get my head in gear, it seemed time to strap on the running shoes for my “regular” 6.1 mile loop– again, no timer, no speed bursts, just being out.

Later in the year, there is plenty of light — which means in a few weeks, there will eb plenbty of heat! And there is much more to see.

It felt good, the neck is a little stiff, but I am ready to resume a routine of maybe twice a week runs and some biking. Maybe start getting in a Camelback Mountain up and down.

We will see.

2 thoughts on “Back On the Road

  1. Sorry, Jose, but I have to miss this one- my wife and are are spending a long weekend at our cabin. Run well, have fun, and say “hi” to everyone!

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