Did It

More to write later, but for anyone hanging on pins and needles, I successfully completed the PF Changs Rock and Roll Half Marathon. I;ll need to wait until times are posted (and I did not even look at my watch), but my time was about 2:25. I faded a little bit on the lat 2/3 but this was pretty much my goal.

I will post pictures and other sweaty tales later, but it feels darn good to have this one checked off.

Congrats to my Team D runing mates- y’all are awesom.

3 thoughts on “Did It

  1. Way to go, Alan! This is great news. You are inspirational.

    Okay, how about this one for your next web site: I hate dieting


  2. Maureen,

    That is the unsaid subtitle. 200+ training miles and no net weight loss. Yes, I despise dieting.

    Thanks much too!

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