Training Summary

I’ve been logging miles in my own spreadsheet to manage some the stats posted on this site, and I also set it up in Excel to chart weekly miles. Here is the summary for the last 15 weeks:

weekly totals
click image to see full sized chart

Each of the climbing jagged peaks represents the stepping up of the miles as set out in our Team-D training schedule, and I am glad I made it through the lon gaps in November, with a week+ lost to a sore knee and another week after Thanksgiving down with a cold.

The total was just over 190 miles running. I had 150+ miles biking, but that was mostly in the first two months, but I am eager to get back in the biking saddle.

And after tomorrow, there will be a big 13 mile spike on the right side!

One thought on “Training Summary

  1. I am extremely proud of my little brother! I sure wish that I could be there to cheer you on! I also wish that Katie and Rachel, your running neices, could be there too. We are with you in spirit and please hear our cheers and encouragement in your head! Good luck!
    Love, Judy

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