Next on The Cough Cause List

The search for a cause of my persisent cough goes on. I have been asking my general pracitioner about this since September 2003. So far what has been rule out includes:

  • Allergies (tried generic Clariton)
  • Asthma (inhaling Albuterol did not improve the diminished lung capacity)
  • Infection- two bouts of Levaquin the “atomic bomb” of antibiotics, did not kill the cough cause
  • ACE Inhibitor side effect (a plumonary specialist thought this was a good possibility- taking an alternative form two weeks ago, and I am still hack coughing

I left a message with the pulmonnary specialist today and was pleasantly suprised when he called back afew hours later…. this Doc gives service! He informed me of 2 remaining likely causes- a sneaky sinus infection or some odd form of acid-reflux. To rule out the latter easily, he suggested I take Prilosec and Pepsin AC for a few days,a nd let him know if there are any noticable changes.

The pill parade goes on… cough, cough , cough, cough.