Cool Maps

Last night I was trying to find a web mapping tool to try and measure my 5 mile loop run, and found This site allows you to enter a street address that is in the area of your run. It need not be the starting point, but just something so it can allow Google Maps to find the location.

You can then simply use the mouse to click the points along the route, and it keeps a running total of the map distance. There is even a calculator so you can plug in your time, and it generates your pace and mile per hour average.

If you create a free account, you cna also have your runs saved, and you can attach comments/descriptions to them, and you can have the map made “public” so you can share it as a web link and build up a public collection of runned routes.

So ones I have mapped include:

* The 5 mile loop in my neighborhood (last run Sunday, Dec 11)
* The 10 mile route we did for Team-D on Saturday, Dec 10). This was tricky to map since the canal is not shown on the map.
* A 7 mile out and back (plus up and down) on Fossil Creek Road, near our place in Strawberry

This is a very handy tool as I get little consitency friom my pedometer. What was life like BI (before Internet)?