The Excuse Parade

The Excuse Parade was trying to march this morning. I”ve listened to it’s beat too often the day after our Saturday Team D training runs, and after yesterday’s 10 Mile run, the band was off to a brisk start:

“It’s too early.”
“It’s too cold.”
“You did 10 miles yesterday, isn’t that enough?”
“It’s not even light yet.”
“It’s cloudy.”
“My calves are tight.”
“I need more coffee.”
“I need even more coffee.”
“Have we had coffee yet?”
“My knee hurts.”
“My shoes feel funny.”
“How about tomorrow?”
“There is depressing news in the paper.”
“I did not sleep well.”

And on and on the Excuse Parade goes with its droning bass drum.

But I was not going to follow the parade today, and headed out at 8:00 am hoping to get in an easy 60 minute run. I felt out of the gate as fresh as I did at the end of yesterday’s 10 mile jaunt.

The pace was plodding slow, just above a fast walk, not much faster than a speeding ant or a three legged Chihuahua, but I went the whole 5 miles without stop. This is around Chaparral Lake, west on Jackrabbit to the Arizona Canal, north and east, and then south on Granite Reef (see map).

I’d like to thank my close friends on my iPod who accompanied this journey: The Police, Creedence Clearwater Revival, ACDC, Caroline Aiken, The Sea Level, David Bromberg, The Clash, The Beatles, Tom Petty, Bob Marley, Steve Miller, The Who, Blues Traveler, John Lee Hooker, Traffic, and John Hiatt. You guys are the best.

There, that’s my own parade. No excuses.

One thought on “The Excuse Parade

  1. I’ve got a whole list of excuses to add to the parade… my favorite, though, is that I woke up BEFORE my alarm would have gone off, saw that it was not turned on, then decided to go back to sleep because I would have overslept had I not woken up early to begin with.

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