10 on the Tenth: Double Digits

Yes, today was another PR (Personal Record? Painful Run?).. indeed. On December 10th *today), I ran 10 miles, breaking into the new territory of double digits.

This was our regular Saturday morning Team-D run, again at Granada Park (we are getting to know every inch of the canal path). Even with a slightly later meeting time (7:30am) it was pretty chilly. From ym bike commuting experience, I know I heat up quickly and prefer to start willing to be cold rather than having to exercise later in sweaty clothes, so I got down to my t-shirt and shorts for the start. Once the sun out in force, it was toasty.

It certainly was not championship or racing form,. especially coming off of a 2 week lapse of no running. It likely would not have been something to celebrate without the encouragement of fellow runners Diane and Jackie, as we all had about the same pace, and stuck together the whole route. Thanks for the conversation and mutual support! On my own, I may have bailed.

This one was tougher, and I felt more loud complainst from my body, especially the last 2 miles, but it felt so damn good to see our Team -D blue tent for the finish line. But we were all determined to finish this, and then to ponder that the goal on January 15 is just a scant 3 more miles on top of this.

Update: I am using MapMyRun.com to plot some of the routes- here is one I mapped for today’s 10 mile run.