Back To Action

It’s been long enough, got to get running. I am 5 weeks away from the January 15, 2006 Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon, and have had not been running for 12 days. I was not enthusiastic early this morning, so I decided to use the small fitness center in my office.

I managed to get 30 minutes on a treadmill– boy it is hard when you see the time slowly ticking away on the screen! But I was determined to finish what I started. The hacking cough was really bad after that.

But then I was thinking about the fact last night, my donation web form rang in with a very generous one from Greer, someone I do not even know, but found my blog and shared his concerns with his own son’s recent diagnosis. I am blown away by this connection, and the idea someone else would gain something from reading my ramblings.

Getting back in the groove (I hope!)