This Is Not How To Train

My training has gone down the tubes in a coughing, phlegm spiral. The cold that hit my a week ago Monday is still only loosening its grip, and I have not run since the 8 miles on Nov 26. And with the cold, its hard to tell if the persistant cough has been addressed either.

I did see a pulmonary specialist who is pretty sure it is the Monopril medication by endocrinologist has perscribed for me the last 3 years as a preventative treatmeant for kidney issues. Apparently, Monopril is known to produce persistant coughs as a side effect, so he prescribed an alternative ACE inhibitor, and said it should show signs of improvement in a week.

I am tired of lamenting the ailments,a nd hope finally tomorrow to get out on the streets early. It is very cold for Phoenix, there has been frosty windshields the last few mornings. I’ve got to get back into acition fast, as this Saturday we are scheduled for a 10 mile team training run in South Mountain.

Now I think I can so I do NOT hate running if I am anxious to get back to it, eh?

One thought on “This Is Not How To Train

  1. You’ll never get high if you don’t run! Glad to hear that you may not actually HATE running after all. Best of luck with continuing your training.

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